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FreeTheFlash.com is dedicated to bringing you the latest flash animations, funny videos, flash games, hilarious audio, prank calls, celebrity soundboards, and prank downloads from around the Web.

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FreeTheFlash.com aims to become the most popular and most comprehensive entertainment website on the internet.

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We offer high-quality content for the public's viewing pleasure. Most of the content featured on FreeTheFlash.com has been sent in by the original author. In other instances, we've seen content that we felt would be a good match for our audience and we've requested permission from the author to use his or her work.

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If you are the owner of original content featured on this site and would like it removed please contact us and your work will be removed immediately and without question. We respect intellectual rights and we would gladly remove your flash animation/video/game/audio/prank call/download/soundboard if you contact us.