Submit Content

To submit your video / flash / game / etc. to follow these instructions :

1. Send an email to with the subject: "Submit FreeTheFlash".

2. Attach your content to the email. Please limit the file size to 10 MB.

3. Please include your name so we can give you credit for your content. Original

What is a Original?

A Original is a piece of content (flash animation / game) that recieves special recognition throughout our website. These media files are featured throughout the site and get thousands of more views than regular submissions.

There are 2 ways for your content to become a Original. Note: The following steps are strictly optional - and NOT required to submit to our site.

1. Submit your content to us first - before you submit to other websites!

2. Embed the words "Made for" into your flash video / game with a link to our website.

If you've done one of the above 2 items then your content is elligible to become a Original.